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Opus Dei: Misunderstood? By Leigh Anne Zinsmeister Every day Paul Harman — and 87,000 others like him around the world — wake up, attend Mass, read scripture, pray a rosary and offer their day up to God. Every week Harman attends weekly 45-minute “circle” classes, where he and a small group of others pray and [...]

Today we’re off to interview our source, Paul Harman from the local Prelature of Opus Dei. He has been extremely helpful and provided us with a great deal of information to look at on the Web about the group. He also is allowing us to go to a residence hall at Trinity College whose pastoral [...]

Leigh Anne and I have taken on the mission of profiling the Opus Dei Prelature within Dublin and exploring its unique approach to practicing its faith.We were thrilled to receive some helpful tips from two communications professors at Dublin City University — Paul McNamara and Patrick Kinsella. They provided us with some great suggestions for [...]