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Today I received both an email and Facebook message from Paul Gill, the Irishman of yesteryear who was going to be the subject of a profile piece in Ireland. He’d read the blog apparently (fantastic!) and wanted to share some of his thoughts with me on his walk and Ireland’s blasphemy law. By hitting the [...]

Opus Dei: Misunderstood? By Leigh Anne Zinsmeister Every day Paul Harman — and 87,000 others like him around the world — wake up, attend Mass, read scripture, pray a rosary and offer their day up to God. Every week Harman attends weekly 45-minute “circle” classes, where he and a small group of others pray and [...]

Politics in Belfast aren’t as clear-cut as in an American city. Multiple ideologies hold sway, and sectarian tension is common. Followers of the four main groups live in neighborhoods sprinkled throughout the city. Subtle signals, such as lampposts painted with the colors of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, inform passersby which passion [...]

In my limited experiences as a journalist, I’ve discovered that it’s great when a story gives you the exact sources you need to make it work. It’s even better when that story gives you sources for yet another piece. This is how I found Paul Gill. While doing research on religious groups for a story [...]