An American Perspective on Faith in Europe

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My St. Bride’s story was quite an inspirational one and was the perfect final story on my excursion. The story refers to the hard work that goes into the journalism occupation. Sometimes journalists are so dedicated to a story that they risk their life. These people are memorialized at St. Bride’s Church in the heart [...]

From Punjab to Southall: Learning to be a Sikh in London By David Olson Welcome to West London A small group of boys and girls sit cross-legged beside an open window and bow their heads. Men wrap lengths of orange or blue fabric around the boys’ heads to make turbans. It’s Friday night at the [...]

Not trying to sound like a shrink: This trip has been fascinating from a weird, Sigmund Freud-ish point of view. There were eight students and two instructors traveling to four countries, with quite a bit of stress placed on everyone from the beginning. The most outright stressful situation—something I can’t even believe—was returning to the [...]

I might have titled this something about reporting in a foreign country, but I can only offer advice from the perspective of an American in Europe. Here are some points I noticed. -       Know your Internet situation. Internet access is crucial, and it can be a lot more difficult, unreliable and expensive abroad—especially in Italy. [...]

But it’s oh so nice to come back home. That’s what Ol’ Blue Eyes said, and I agree. My homebody spirit and my curious mind make for an interesting match. I enjoy wandering about because I never feel I fit in, whatever the place. But when I get comfortable, I move like a big fat [...]

In the Marine Corps, a POG (person other than grunt) will typically refer to an infantryman as “Crunchie”.  This term is a description of the sounds your bones make as you’re hiking, to no end, with 80lbs of gear on your back.  Marine infantrymen have hundreds of nicknames, such as Grunts, Shock Troopers and Spartans, [...]

I’ve been so preoccupied with taking pictures at St. Bride’s and trying to coordinate a time when James and I (and his computer!) can get together to start the editing process that my music and faith story seems to have fallen by the wayside. When I got to the computer lab about an hour ago [...]

With only 49 hours left in London, it’s crunch time on these last two projects. Yesterday, I woke up bright and early and headed to communion at St. Bride’s – not exactly what we thought it would be. Including myself, there were a grand total of 3 people and one priest reading from the Book [...]

Alex and I headed back out to Southall today to work on our music in religion story. Thanks to weekend construction on the tube, it took us two hours and four trains to get there. Luckily, our spirits were lifted by another chat with the owner of BINA Musical and taking lots of still photos [...]

Vatican Radio. An entity of the Catholic Church for the last 80 years. An inspiration to some, a news source for a few and an annoyance to others. My first trip to the Vatican Radio was an experience I won’t soon forget.  It was Thursday, May 27, 2010, a warm summer day in Rome.  It [...]