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In Ireland, I had the opportunity to profile an Irish Catholic school with Janessa. It was a fantastic experience — we got very candid interviews with the principal and school administration, as well as the priest serving as chairperson of the school. What did I learn? Quite a bit about the set-up of elementary-level to [...]

Today I received both an email and Facebook message from Paul Gill, the Irishman of yesteryear who was going to be the subject of a profile piece in Ireland. He’d read the blog apparently (fantastic!) and wanted to share some of his thoughts with me on his walk and Ireland’s blasphemy law. By hitting the [...]

By Kristin Johnston Ireland is the only country in Europe without a Christian radio station. Its first one is set to launch in summer 2010. Despite the decline in church attendance in Ireland, Spirit Radio hopes to succeed by broadcasting an uplifting message through music and insightful commentary. Spirit will target young adults between 25 [...]

Opus Dei: Misunderstood? By Leigh Anne Zinsmeister Every day Paul Harman — and 87,000 others like him around the world — wake up, attend Mass, read scripture, pray a rosary and offer their day up to God. Every week Harman attends weekly 45-minute “circle” classes, where he and a small group of others pray and [...]

Politics in Belfast aren’t as clear-cut as in an American city. Multiple ideologies hold sway, and sectarian tension is common. Followers of the four main groups live in neighborhoods sprinkled throughout the city. Subtle signals, such as lampposts painted with the colors of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, inform passersby which passion [...]

Replacing Prejudice with Performance By David Olson Belfast is a city divided. It is divided by the visible — by walls and gates and razor wire. It is also divided by the invisible — by curfews and religious hatreds and political tensions. The city center forms a neutral zone where both Protestants and Catholics can [...]

Rome is a lovely shade on Sundays. The combination of tourism bustle and interest, and a local affinity for religion, reflection and rest mix in an enjoyable way. Shops close early. The wine opens early. Life is good. I spent much of the early part of today catching up on some much needed sleep and [...]

Violent conflict in Ireland might have a silver lining: The Irish have become experts in peace building. The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation is a direct result of bloody religious conflict and other violence in Ireland. Founded in 1974, the Centre facilitates dialogue and conflict resolution. The Centre was founded in response to violence [...]

I think I might be wrapping my mind around what it takes to make a photo work. James told me that you have to look at something and figure out why it’s interesting and worth taking a photo of. I started out at PowersCourt by taking pictures of the hills and the statues, but nothing [...]