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For my entire life I have had a passion for writing, especially creative writing. I have always been particularly skilled in telling stories on paper and making a piece come to life. I have had the ability to think outside of the box and think creatively to make something boring and dull seem intriguing. I [...]

We’re in the final few days of the trip, and the walls are closing in. There isn’t enough time to find and report a story, there aren’t enough sources willing to talk, there isn’t enough money for trains and buses. And then there’s the bad news: The girls’ flat was burglarized, and all the laptops, [...]

Over the past few days I have been asked a weird — and surprising — question on at least three different occasions. It all started two nights ago, when David, Richard and I headed to a pub to listen to karaoke. All was good until a beautiful British man started singing Nickelback, which prompted us [...]

The last couple of days, Kristin and I have spent a lot of time with four awesome Mormon missionaries. We’re writing a “Day in the Life” as our second story, so look out for it soon. We talked not only to the missionaries but also to the people of the community, who are largely African. Eating [...]

On a rare day off … that wasn’t really a day off … I found a moment to go see some sites. “Chainsaw” (David Olsen) and I hopped on a bus and found ourselves in the heart of the city. After walking for 20 minutes and taking more than a hundred photos, we decided to [...]

Hanging out with the Mormon missionaries the last few days has been enlightening and entertaining. Enlightening because I have learned so much about discipline and working off of faith. These guys get verbally harassed, have things thrown at them and told “no” on a daily basis, but not once do they ever hint about discouragement. They told [...]

After having my computer stolen, I was left with a decision. I could carry on with the complex stories that I had once planned, or I could do more accessible and realistic stories that fit my time constraints. Needless to say, I chose the latter. Leigh Anne and I have decided to do a story [...]

There are a few movie scenes that I think every journalist can relate to — maybe in “All the President’s Men,” maybe the more recent “State of Play,” where Russell Crowe plays one of the best reporter stereotypes ever. For me, it’s the movie “Michael Clayton.” It’s the beginning of the movie. The top lawyer [...]

Saturday evening I returned to the flat after a successful day of reporting with Leigh Anne. We had grabbed burgers at a pub on the way back and were planning a relaxing night out to see Sex and the City 2. Unfortunately, our plans quickly changed. When we returned to the flat, everything appeared normal [...]

Ironically, despite the computer situation, for the first time on this trip I am actually feeling as if I might get everything done. Yesterday, Alex and I ditched the Jewish culture story and moved on to Plan 5 of 5, so this better pan out! I’m finished with my music story, I think, after a [...]