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The Church In the heart of London, just off Fleet Street, a tall white steeple resembling a wedding cake soars above St. Bride’s Church. Surrounded by iron gates and shrubbery, the stone structure remains a place of worship for the journalists who once worked in the area. Inside the church, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, [...]

Sleepless Nights How St. Mungo’s is battling homelessness in the United Kingdom By Richard Keever It’s cold, dark and raining. Imagine that your hands are dirty, your pants are ripped and you’re wearing an old, beat-up jacket. You find a place to lie down in an alley across the street from a train station, but [...]

Musically Connected: Music in two different faiths by Leigh Anne Zinsmeister Sikhism and Anglicanism appear to be polar opposites, and in many ways they are. Sikhism, born in India 500 years ago, is a relatively young presence in England, whereas the Anglican Church has been the nation’s established church since the 16th century. One thing [...]

After having my computer stolen in London, I had limited computer access and, therefore, limited Internet access. But on June 11, I assumed all that would change as I ventured to Greece to visit my cousin at her house on the island of Mykonos. I was mistaken. Mykonos is a small island of about 41 [...]

For three and half weeks, eight students crossed four countries to study journalism and report compelling stories. There where plenty of busy days, boring days, stressful days, fun days. However one consistent every day was endless laughter from everyone. During the time we spent together, we adapted to each other’s personalities, likes and dislikes, because at the end of [...]

While  in London, I learned that there’s a popular English dish here called bangers and mash, which can also be referred to as sausage and mash. Basically it consists of sausage links topped with onions on a bed of mashed potatoes. How does that not sound amazing? Well, it’s no secret that mashed potatoes is [...]

At 6:30 a.m., when many 20-year-old Londoners are still sleeping, their alarm clocks go off and they spring into action. Their morning starts with a plan for what they’ll accomplish this day. They think of various ways they can leave a positive influence on this tiny, mostly African community in southeast London. After this brief [...]

I’m 20 and don’t even have a degree. However, here’s my humble advice for the next generation of journalists from someone really underqualified to give advice to the next generation of journalists. My sources for this? For now, I’m citing the experts I’ve met on this trip over the last three-and-a-half weeks. My target audience [...]

I’ve been refreshed by the number of times the journalists we’ve heard from have talked about their version of objective reality. I’ve long held the view that there are two things in this world: the infinitely complex set of real things that really happen and are really happening, plus everyone’s totally distorted view of them. No, [...]

In the Marine Corps, a POG (person other than grunt) will typically refer to an infantryman as “Crunchie”.  This term is a description of the sounds your bones make as you’re hiking, to no end, with 80lbs of gear on your back.  Marine infantrymen have hundreds of nicknames, such as Grunts, Shock Troopers and Spartans, [...]