My St. Bride’s story was quite an inspirational one and was the perfect final story on my excursion. The story refers to the hard work that goes into the journalism occupation. Sometimes journalists are so dedicated to a story that they risk their life. These people are memorialized at St. Bride’s Church in the heart of London.

The story of St. Bride’s is a great oneā€”built by Sir Christopher Wren, the Great Fire of London, bombed and rebuilt after World War II, the ancient crypt’s discovery, etc. But I chose not to elaborate on the history as one might do in a research paper. Rather, I decided to reflect upon the people who are honored at St. Bride’s by its memorial altar. That story seemed more relevant and relatable.

The atmosphere at St. Bride’s alone can provide great inspiration. But I was also inspired by the words of BBC staff member Sam Whipple. He said that news-gathering can be quite dangerous, but the danger comes with the job title. He said the BBC takes extraordinary measures to make sure nothing happens to its reporters and crew, but no guarantees can really be made.

It really made me think: Am I ready for that kind of a commitment to journalism?

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