For three and half weeks, eight students crossed four countries to study journalism and report compelling stories. There where plenty of busy days, boring days, stressful days, fun days. However one consistent every day was endless laughter from everyone. During the time we spent together, we adapted to each other’s personalities, likes and dislikes, because at the end of the day, for those three weeks we only had each other.

The last day approached quicker then I think anyone could believe. We all woke up as a group for the last time as eight students with a common bond.  One by one, everyone started going their own way to begin the next part of life’s journey.

Eight people turned into four, as half the group left on the bus to the airport. Four turned into three when another walked off into the distance, as the last thing you could see was a suitcase being pulled into the bright morning sun. Three became two as another person waited for a taxi to take her away. Two became three when that person ran back to the group, not because he didn’t want to leave but because he decided the Underground was a better form of transportation. Then again, three become two when the Underground split the group apart on a train transfer. Finally, two become one as I got off the train at Terminal 4 at Heathrow to began new challenges and set new goals in my life as Bobby Brown.

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