I’m 20 and don’t even have a degree. However, here’s my humble advice for the next generation of journalists from someone really underqualified to give advice to the next generation of journalists. My sources for this? For now, I’m citing the experts I’ve met on this trip over the last three-and-a-half weeks.

My target audience here is most likely high school students looking to go into journalism. Any college journalism student probably knows all this—or has heard it but disagrees.

- Be good at something, but know everything. Be able to do stories or video or something at a high level, but know multimedia, social media, new media and everything you possibly can. Know that there are some great free data visualization possibilities out there, and you can build a great-looking website for free if you know where to look (not necessarily WordPress). Know a lot about a lot and keep learning.

- Understand the changing face of media. Reporters are never going to be what they were in the 90s, so it helps to keep up with the trends.

- Be curious and enthusiastic. If you really want to be a journalist, a great selling point is how much you really want to be a journalist. In a respectful, professional manner, let your employer know that you’re eager to be there and willing to work hard, partially out of some impossible-to-explain, deep-seated love for this field.

- Don’t visit this website. http://angryjournalist.com/ Or do, and recognize the inherent problems there.

- Be an entrepreneur. Just as everyone’s saying, 21st-century journalism is probably going to be all about creating your own job. Find a niche and serve it.

- Get a ridiculous amount of experience. Self-explanatory.

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