While  in London, I learned that there’s a popular English dish here called bangers and mash, which can also be referred to as sausage and mash. Basically it consists of sausage links topped with onions on a bed of mashed potatoes. How does that not sound amazing? Well, it’s no secret that mashed potatoes is one of my all-time favorite foods, so I just had to try this dish.

The group and I were hanging out at a pub after a long day of reporting ;) and I saw it sitting right there on the menu board, written in colorful chalk—Bangers and Mash 850. I wasted no time in placing my order, and then I sat down at the wooden table waiting for it to be ready, like a hungry 8-year-old boy.

When the plate was finally put in front of me, I was in Idaho heaven. WAIT. U.K potatoes probably don’t come from Idaho, do they? So I dove into my first bit, then another and another, and I even heard my colleagues saying my name to get my attention, but all my focus was on these delicious bangers and mash. It was the best meal I have had here in London.

If you haven’t had them, think of it as a mix between a football game with Johnsonville brats and Thanksgiving with large bowls of mashed potatoes on the dinner table.

As the English would say, “Brilliant”

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