In the Marine Corps, a POG (person other than grunt) will typically refer to an infantryman as “Crunchie”.  This term is a description of the sounds your bones make as you’re hiking, to no end, with 80lbs of gear on your back.  Marine infantrymen have hundreds of nicknames, such as Grunts, Shock Troopers and Spartans, but none as interesting as “Crunchie”.

As the final hours tick, the term Crunchie sings louder inside my head.  Not because I’m carrying 80 lbs on my back, or because my bones are cracking, but because I feel a real sense of urgency.  It’s crunch time and I’m committed to the final stand; turning back isn’t an option as the dragon must be slayed.

My 2nd story on Mormon missionaries in London is close to being posted; so watch for that in the next day or so.  My 3rd story is being tightened as we speak.  Must keep moving forward; the light at the end of the tube stop is visible…

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